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Happy Thursday! Two things – First, I can’t believe it’s March. WTF, GUYS? WHY IS IT MARCH? To piggyback on that topic, HOW IS MY BIRTHDAY IN 11 DAYS? I’M NOT READY TO BE OLDER YET! If I disappear it’s just because I’m having an existential crisis and have withdrawn from the world… no big deal, guys.


Can’t handle the excitement. Seriously.

In other news, Japan has created butter flavored Kit Kats, because that’s necessary.

While Peeps was more focused on Peeps-flavored milk. I relegate my Peeps interaction to strictly microwave-related business. If you enjoy the way they taste though, maybe you will want to check out that milk.

Scoence has discovered why we think Indian food is so freakin’ delicious.

TheKitchn has given us an a-to-z guide for kitchen organization.

[unrelated owl gif]

Turns out that the best way to prevent peanut allergies is to give your child peanuts. I’m pretty sure if my child were allergic to peanuts I would have to give it up for adoption… Sorry, future kid, but I just love peanut butter too much.

University of California discovered that almost 70% of all store-bought extra virgin olive oils in the US are probably fake – including the ever-popular Bertolli, Colavita, and even your fancy-pants Whole Foods brand. My beloved California Olive Ranch and Kirkland Organic are safe, thankfully.

I usually just put my whole, uncracked eggs into warm water if I need to bring them to room temp, but Alice Medrich took this a step further in her trick to warm eggs to room temp.

Tiny kitchen is at it again, this time with tiny ramen.

And Buzzfeed created yet another winning video where Americans try international alcohols.



4 thoughts on “thursday things

  1. I LOVE IT that Jeni’s approved our Spinalong endeavors! I’ve already warned you about this but it makes me want to do it more. you’ll obviously need to talk some sense into me, but you’re used to doing that, right? good.

    I’m engrossed now in that article about Indian food. and why IS it so unpopular here? it’s like my favorite thing, and now i know why! Someone needs to do a scientific study on why indian food is also a miraculous hangover cure…just saying, my best thing in my early twenties was House of India’s Sunday Brunch, because, Friday and Saturday night. Works like magic.

    i. want. that owl. why can’t we have owls again? I’ve never figured out why one of us doesn’t own one by now. But your birthday IS coming up…

    • Mr. Eats and I have eaten Indian food twice since reading that article. Twice in one week. Which is actually 2 more times than I ate it all of last year probably… hahahah!

      Seriously, still not sure on the owl thing. We must do research.

  2. Haha, that’s so cool that Jeni’s tweeted you!!! I would SO eat those butter flavored kit-kats. Have you ever had Jelly Belly’s buttered popcorn flavor jelly beans? They seem to be something people either absolutely love or find totally revolting…but I’m in the love camp. They’re SO GOOD. I saw that peanut article and now that Berkeley is 6 months old I want him to try peanut butter but I’m so scared! I wanna ask his doc at his next appt, but obviously i don’t want him to be allergic. I like lived on peanut butter all through my pregnancy and breastfeeding so I don’t see how he could be (knock on wood!!!)

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