thursday things – i’m getting old and some other stuff


IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! By “that time” I mean the time of year when I get another year older… Here is a little known fact. My neighborhood was built the same year that I was born. The sidewalk reminds me of this every day.

WHICH MEANS… In a few days I will officially be saying “goodbye” to my 20s and move into the big bad world of adulthood. Like, grown up adulthood.


Last year I was indecisive so I made two cakes, this year I went back to Momofuku and have cobbled together a cake recipe from their Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook. Recipe will be coming next week (Monday is the big day!) but here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up!

In food news, Bridget Lancaster tells us how to make vegetarian dishes really POP.

I picked up this pack of “Reese’s Snacksters” so I could try the (kind-of) new Reese’s spread and turns out IT’S FREAKING DELICIOUS. I will never allow myself to purchase a full size container of the Reese’s spread because that’s just asking for trouble…


Honest Cooking showed us how to make our own cereal.

Esquire looked at the importance of taking a lunch break.

NYT shows us Julia Child’s secret for poaching an egg. Hint: You boil it first… Mind = Blown.

Arizona-based Palcohol (powdered alcohol) is finally about to become a thing after a long legal battle. Of course you can always make your own, too.

Foodbeast made these poor chefs read their one-star Yelp reviews.

Tasting Table reviewed the best slow cookers.

This dog is an excellent sous chef.

Things I would like to stuff in my face on my birthday include…

So if any of you would like to make any of the items below for me, that would be swell…

This adorably tiny chocolate cake (which I very well may make to accompany my Momofuku creation)


This pie made with my two favorite things (chocolate + peanut butter). Yes please.


The most beautiful pierogis I’ve ever seen – stuffed with philly cheesesteak deliciousness


These cornmeal fried pork chops with smashed potatoes


And those pork chops would pair perfectly with this deliciously cheesy cornbread.



10 thoughts on “thursday things – i’m getting old and some other stuff

    • OMG Faygie, so while I was researching the cake recipe I was making (for the cake portion) of my birthday cake… I SAW THAT YOU HAD DONE THE SAME COMBO I WAS PLANNING TO DO!!! Apparently you must have subconsciously planted it in my brain and I have just been secretly thinking of it for the past year now! I almost died laughing.

      But, knowing you made it last year made me PRETTY CONFIDENT that it will be amazing! That makes it so that 2 of the last 2 birthdays I have baked my cake will have included one of your cakes now. Maybe you should just come and bake my cakes every year??? 🙂

      • Good taste is good taste, no matter your age 😉 When I was planning her cake, all she said was that she wanted a chocolate chip cake. Once I heard that, I knew exactly what cake to make!

        It’s a REALLY good cake, so I know you’ll enjoy it!

  1. you. are not. getting old. older than you were, however: not old. no old person gets big hero 6 as a birthday present it’s not even possible.

    hiiiiii cornbread!

    there’s so much in this TT i barely know where to begin. i think i want to start with the chefs reading their one star reviews lol. i know that’s TERRIBLE b/c i would be like, laugh-crying if someone made me do that.

    well wait: so if someone even thought of me enough to give me a review…oh.

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