thursday things – ramen, owls, and more


During my birthday week last week, Mr. Eats and I tried a new ramen place in Tempe, AZ that was surprisingly tasty. If you find yourself in the Phoenix area craving ramen, stop by Umami in tempe and I’m pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed. It’s basically a “build-your-own” ramen bowl scenario – I chose miso broth, spicy corn, and roasted pork while Mr. Eats chose a paitan (chicken & pork) broth with chicken breast, soft-boiled egg, butter, corn, and double noodles. Both were super delicious.

Speaking of asian food, Korea apparently loves to watch people stuff their faces. I personally find few things to be more disgusting than watching someone eat, but I’m wondering if I should start moonlighting in this business, because I could make a freaking killing.

If you plan on pursuing face-stuffing as a career, scientists have found a way to cut the calories in your rice in half. And it’s super freaking easy.

Amateur Gourmet wrote a pretty interesting article about the affect that watching cooking shows has on your waistline.

In other food news, Serious Eats tackled the question of whether or not we should cook with olive oil. I personally always use olive oil or coconut oil for my cooking, depending on whatever is closest to my hand at the moment.

Kevin Bacon has taken a break from hunting serial killers to make an egg commercial, causing the third dimension to temporarily collapse in on itself.

Speaking of serial killers, have you all watched The Jinx on HBO? You need to.



It looks like I will never get to know the joy that was the waffle taco, as Taco Bell has now replaced it with the chicken biscuit taco.

Meanwhile, Burger King has announced the return of the chicken fry.

Food Network is helping us hack our salad dressing.

And this chart proves that no matter how hard you try, all of your food is actually coming from the same place.

Then there’s this guy who has been hiding fake self-help books at his local bookstore, including titles like, “So Your Son is a Centaur.”

Fact of the day: owls hate strawberries.

One thought on “thursday things – ramen, owls, and more

  1. I popped over here from a future post (time machine, OR just catching up with the peeps eggs first) and i read the line at the bottom to say “ramen owls.” and then i thought “WOW: ramen owls would be AMAZING.”

    but actually now that i read it, your un-owled ramen sounds pretty amazing too! i would have ordered your order, i think. as always, lots to read through and i do it backwards by commenting and THEN going back to read, but you and i are telepathic at this point so it works. 🙂

    sometimes when you see things like ads for chicken biscuit tacos from taco bell, do you think what your 1990’s era self would have thought of that? I feel like i would have thought that was a fake ad. I STILL think it’s almost a fake ad…what is the world coming to.

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