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This gorgeous wall is located at The Windsor in Phoenix. I went there for the first time for dinner last night. I would definitely recommend it if you are ever in the Phoenix area. 

I found these amazing ice cream sandwiches at our local Smart & Final and was actually surprised by how good they are. You can find your own here!


Mr. Eats and I had a “Pei-Nut Butter” sandwich, which consisted of two chocolate cookies with perfect peanut butter ice cream. We also had a “Rems Coolhaus” which was salted chocolate ice cream sandwiched between the world’s softest snickerdoodle and chocolate chip cookies. I highly recommend both.

GAME OF THRONES IS BACK! And the hole in my heart is finally filled again.

Epicurious has compiled a list of the best cookbook recipes.

HuffPo compiled a list of 9 genius kitchen hacks with everything from how to soften brown sugar to how to keep your tomatoes fresh.

Wendy’s now has ghost pepper fries and a jalapeno chicken sandwich. Which means I’m going to Wendy’s soon…


And TheKitchn gave us the 411 on how to clean burn stains off of your enameled cookware (to be fair, I have my own tip – Bar Keepers Friend. I use it on my stainless steel pans, sink, and our glass-top range too!)

Science has finally answered the age-old question of why food tastes so bad after you brush your teeth.

Apparently ‘KIND’ bars are not as healthy as they claim (according to the FDA, at least).

This video of Jennifer Hudson singing in the drive thru is downright amazing.

One thought on “thursday things

  1. I seriously some days just wish i would wake up and BE J-Hud. i would sing everything, to everyone, everywhere.

    i saw the ghost pepper things at Wendy’s the other day (as i have been shamefully eating Wendy’s while in FL) – have you tried them yet? i’m scared to.

    tapes! all the tapes! maybe i should do that as a feature wall on my bedroom…

    GoT and Bar Keepers’ Friend: file under “favorite things.”

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