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too hot


There’s not a whole lot happening here in the desert. We officially hit triple digits for the first time this year and I cried so hard, or would have if the tears didn’t immediately evaporate out of my eyeballs.

And, since it’s May already let me take a moment to pimp our next installment of the Jeni’s Spinalong, which should be up in early June! Are you excited? I’m so excited.

Arizona Restaurant Week is rapidly approaching, so that’s another exciting piece of news. In other food news…

Whole Foods is opening a budget grocery store.

Chipotle released its guacamole recipe.

Disney World opened a Star Wars themed restaurant for ‘Star Wars Weekends’ through June 14.

Eater breaks down the top 7 high performance blenders.

Apparently corgis are deathly afraid of zucchini.

TheKitchn explains the difference between regular and extra virgin olive oil.

I finally got my ButterUp! You may (or may not) remember their Kickstarter campaign that I backed way back when. Now, all butter is spreadable butter! *insert evil laugh*

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  1. the cover photo really did it for me this week, i have to say. that’s EXACTLY how i feel about your temps…well, these temps, because evidently AZ has come to it’s senses as of late.

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