thursday things – i got a new fitbit and some other stuff


Last week I told you all about our trip to San Francisco, from which I think my favorite souvenir was this tiny treeling that Mr. Eats picked up. We finally got it planted over the weekend – that being said, I have a notoriously black thumb so it may not survive for another week.

But if it does… HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? Our very own baby giant sequoia tree!  

I got a fancy new fiitbit! Look how excited it is when I hit my 10,000 steps!

It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I’m going to need all those steps, too, because I just found out that my beloved Shake Shack will be opening a restaurant here in my very own hometown! I’M SO EXCITED I COULD DIE.

On top of that, Starbucks released 6 brand new frappuccinos for us all to try.

And Dairy Queen released a Jurassic World blizzard with chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter, and chocolate chunks… so, guess I should get stepping then…

Shannon kicked up the Just One Question Project again – which is a great read for anyone who has a blog or is thinking of starting one. She’s also recently redesigned her site and IT’S FREAKING GORGEOUS so you should probably stop by and take a look-see if you haven’t seen it yet.

These gummy bear reviews on Amazon will likely make your day.

HuffPo shared an infographic of how long you can freeze all the things.

Pinch of Yum shared her favorite uses for her food processor (and why you should probably get one).

I Am a Food Blog shares her secrets to a great basic chocolate chip cookie.

Serious Eats has cracked the code for perfect scrambled eggs, no matter how you like them.

The Kitchn finally settled the argument between Mr. Eats and I about whether or not you should rinse your pasta when its done cooking.

And Taco Bell is going au naturale.

And… goats in pajamas! Because, goats!

5 thoughts on “thursday things – i got a new fitbit and some other stuff

  1. Aw, you say nice things about my blog redesign! too bad i have had zero chances to really sit down with it and really customize it, but that’s for later this month when i’m hanging out at a pool. 🙂 Crap! i just realized i needed to send the JOQ email.


    goats. in. pajamas. forever.

    wait: is that your video of Starbucks’ new frapps? fyi i can tell how long that lemon bar was had to sit prior to that video because of how much it separated: forgot to tell you about that little gross tendency of that flavor. The juice basically falls right out the bottom.

    new fitbits! you have to agree these are so much better than our Flex ones were. the cheering doesn’t hurt, either: so excitable.

    i’m afraid to get the Jurassic World blizzard. because addiction happens.

    • Doesn’t it feel great to be proven right? I mean, of course once you tell Mr. Table I’m sure he’ll pretend he was on that side the whole time hahaha!

      No, it’s not my video – I borrowed it from the linked article. I have yet to try the new Sbux fraps, which I think are only around through July so I should probably get on it.

      Luckily for us the Jurassic World blizzard is almost gone for good, which means we both successfully made it through June without buying it and will never be tempted by it again! (I still might go this weekend for it…)

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