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momofuku cake pbj

You guys. Can you believe we’re already 1/4 of the way through 2016? WHAT IS HAPPENING!?

March is always extra traumatic for me because on account of it being my birthday month. Combine that with the end of winter (we’ve already come dangerously close to triple digits here) and you’ve got a recipe for my mental demise.

Luckily Mr. Eats knows how to keep me calm, which this year involved a special delivery of Momofuku for my birthday!

momofuku balls 2

That’s their famous b’day cake truffles along with a whole container of cookies, guys. Am I a lucky girl or what? If you don’t want to order them, you could always make your own!

I made my own Momofuku-style cake for my b’day this year using my favorite childhood snack as inspiration: the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I’ll share that recipe with you next week!

2015 may have been the year of truffles (cake truffles, Oreo truffles, truffle truffles), but I want to know what bite sized foods 2016 has in store. My money’s on fancy ice cream sandwiches, how bout yours?

strawberry shortcake oreo

Or, maybe my money’s on Oreos… They’re releasing a new strawberry shortcake flavor next week. Expected to hit shelves in your local Wal Mart April 4th.

T-Town (that would be my hometown of Toledo, Ohio) is once again letting its test market flag fly with Taco Bell’s new core burrito.


Mr. Eats got a hold of the Lay’s Korean BBQ chips for me and, to my surprise, they taste like Korean BBQ (in a good way). They’re a bit more savory (beefy? I refuse to say “umami”) than I’m looking for when I’m eating a BBQ chip, but I would (and did) happily put a bag of these in my belly.

If you’re still looking for Easter treats, I’ve got you covered in the chocolate department. If you want something a bit fancier, elevate your Easter with Shannon’s Feast article. Or, if you wanna be a littl more low-brow, how about some Easter peeps poops?

Oh, and if you’re following along with our Baked, Occasionally series, we’ve had a bit of a switcheroo in the April recipe. We will be baking the Coconut Cake instead of the Ginormous meat pie. Recipe coming April 4th!


2 thoughts on “thursday things – more oreos, birthday things, and other stuff

  1. That Mr. Eats is a keeper. 2.0, on the other hand, gave our phone/internet company the wrong date of birth for me (he’s pretty sure it was CLOSE), so now I can’t access our account. EVER. (le sigh)

  2. Mr. Eats really is a magical unicorn when it comes to awesome gifts: he really excels at it. I’m gearing up to read about your cake in the next post and i’m still totally in awe of your creation. It’s like everything we’ve ever wanted, wrapped up in an amazing cake.

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