thursday things – powerpuff girls, freshybag, cookie monster, and more!


Apparently they just brought the Powerpuff Girls back and I’m so pumped I can’t even handle it. To promote the show’s return, Cartoon Network launched a “Powerpuff Yourself” site where you can create your own Powerpuff avatar and I gotta say, it’s pretty spot-on, if I do say so myself. 

I found the scientific reason behind why pineapple can burn my mouth… because, apparently, it’s eating me. The good news is, you can negate the effects of this chemical by cooking it! Which is perfect, because it gives you the excuse you’ve been looking for to make some grilled pineapple upside down cake!

M&Ms released three new flavors, which seems unnecessary to me since they already have the best flavor (peanut butter).

Chrissy Teigan is my new favorite person on twitter.

I received a new lunch box from “FreshyBag” to test drive. It was perfect timing, since my old lunch box happened to be MIA, so I was happy to take it for a spin.


What I liked:

  • Multiple compartments – The bag has two compartments which is nice if you’re like me and enjoy keeping things separate and organized.
  • Compact – While roomy, the sack easily folds to a small size when empty. In fact, one of my co-workers enjoyed hiding it from me when I forgot it at work overnight. (It was inside another sack!)
  • Keeps things cool – On average, mine stayed cold for about 6 hours and cool about 8 hours.
  • Lifetime guarantee – It’s hard to find any company these days that stands behind their products for a few months let alone for a lifetime.


What I didn’t like:

  • While plenty roomy for the average person, it doesn’t fit my current tupperware containers which makes taking last night’s leftovers to work a bit difficult. It fit a small sized frozen entree in the bottom portion but JUST BARELY. Some mashing was required.
  • The upper compartment’s zipper location limits storage space. While the compartment itself is roomy, the opening to put things into is less so which can make it awkward when adding and removing things.
  • While I like the dual compartments for organization, if you have to split cold items between the two compartments you’ll need two ice packs instead of one
  • Zippers – The zippers were stiff when it first arrived and both zippers broke within two weeks of use. That being said, they do have a lifetime warranty so they would absolutely exchange it for a new one.


The lunch box itself is a pretty good lunch box, but I don’t think I will end up using it for my day-to-day. I think it’d suit Mr. Eats well, since he like to take a smoothie, some drinks, and some snacks every day.

Well, the 90’s are officially over and so is the whole “low fat” movement so take a hike skim milk, because whole fat is in again.

The Cleveland Indians are slinging a Froot Loop hot dog because, well, it’s the Midwest so why not?

I would very much like to go to France and stay in Julia Child’s home. Who wants to go with me? We can all split the bill!

This iPhone commercial featuring Cookie Monster wakes up my “Hey Siri” which is extra funny because even I can’t get “Hey Siri” to work. Figures. It also happens to be the only commercial that I actually rewind the DVR to watch.

One thought on “thursday things – powerpuff girls, freshybag, cookie monster, and more!

  1. I Powerpuffed myself in your honor! I’m pretty stoked about them coming back too, since i think stella (and let’s face it, my own self) will really like watching it. Now to tape it…;)

    that was quite a thorough review: lunch boxes are always tricky to buy around here b/c for stella, they have to work through her lunchtime (that’s like 6 hours after I pack it) b/c i don’t want things to get weird or bad before she eats them. I’d add to the “cons” list maybe by saying the logo could do with a tweaking: i swear that said “Fleshy Bag.” hmmmmm.

    Long live 2%, which is what we grew up on: whole is…well its a lot of cow, you know? and skim is just…kinda white water. so idk.

    I’m not one to knock something until i’ve tried it but…wow. Side note: this made me really want to buy some Froot Loops.

    I’ll totally go with!

    i love this commercial hahahaha. The song KILLS ME DEAD.

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