thursday things – oreos, cheerios, and a giveaway

strawberry oreo

I got my hands on some fancy Strawberry Shortcake Oreos and I have to say… they didn’t suck. They have a super artificial sweet scent that reminded me of my childhood. I would have lived inside that strawberry-scented bag but instead I just pulled the Oreos from their delightful-smelling home and devoured them. Dipped in milk they tasted just like Crunchberries (which I took as a good thing).

McDonald’s is making headlines left and right with opening their first every build-your-own-burger concept in St. Louis and launching mini and mega versions of their Big Mac. Seriously, how did they miss the perfect names of “Mini Mac” and “Mega Mac”???

Coke is revamping their cans which means you might need to take a closer look when you pick up your next can.


We’ve got our first Starbucks Evenings menu, and it wasn’t terrible.

Check out a whole new level of food porn with Dimly Lit Meals for One.


Cheerios is already talking about hopping on the Pumpkin Spice wagon. Though, announcing it in April seems a little… desperate?

Apparently yellow limes are actually just more ripe than the green ones. (Am I the only one who didn’t know this?)

F&W helps us figure out the right way to refuel after a workout. Pro tip: Drink some chocolate milk!workout-04

Kickstarter is making dinner easier with My Happy Plates. Right now they will help you plan your meals, but if this new Kickstarter  project succeeds, your meal plans will be customized to your own needs and preferences, and even help organize your grocery list.


Unlike those weekly menus from big name websites that I end up ignoring, these meal plans will be completely customized to my very own preferences, which is great because there’s nothing more annoying after a long day at work than trying to figure out what the heck Mr. Eats and I are going to do for dinner.

If (or should I say when?) they reach their Kickstarter goal, I’m giving away two lifetime memberships to their meal planning service. They’re more than halfway to their goal now, so enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a lifetime of stress-free meal planning.

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One thought on “thursday things – oreos, cheerios, and a giveaway

  1. 1. i walked right past the strawberry shortcake Oreos, but that’s my punishment for being behind on my you-reading. Crunch berries, you say? Excuse me while i put my shoes on b/c i have to..erm…go out for an errand.

    2. *sigh* i really don’t want to admit to my childhood McDonald’s addiction, but all this is making it VERY, very hard.

    3. oh sweet LORD NO: do you know Mr. Table still – when left to his own devices – will pick up “splenda coke (gold writing)” when he actually means to grab “diet coke (silver writing”? I think he’s going to just have to quit soda once and for all b/c seriously.

    4. I haven’t even SEEN starbucks evening menu!

    5. yeah…i smell cinnamon, ginger, and just a hit of sadness in this April pumpkin spice announcement. Way to bust through that “no-earlier-than-August” rule, Cheerios.

    but i’m totally going to eat them.

    well now i’m all distracted about pumpkin spice.

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