cinco de mayo recipe round-up

Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner. If you’re like me, you look forward to just about any excuse to eat some delicious Mexican food.

I thought I’d supply you with some ideas to freshen up your Cinco de Mayo fiesta below!

Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Corn & cotija cheese dip from Minimalist Baker.

corn dip

Super easy chipotle chicken tortilla soup 

tortilla soup 2351 2

Mini cilantro and chive arepas from Always Order Dessert.

homemade arepa party appetizer

Polenta-stuffed poblano peppers from Edible Perspective.

stuffed peppers

Chicken enchilada casserole from Pinch of Yum

POY Chicken Enchilada

Savory ground beef empanadas

edit empanadas 5

Chicken & chorizo tortilla stacks from Foodness Gracious.


Black bean chilaquiles from Loves Food, Loves to Eat

black bean chilaquile

Slow cooker pork tacos with quick pickled onionstaco

Spoon Fork Bacon’s baked elote mac and cheese

elote mac and cheese

Food & Wine’s crispy flour taco shells, no frying required.

Individual tres leches cake cups from A Farmgirl’s Dabbles.

tres leche cups

A Periodic Table’s mexican hot chocolate cookies


Churro balls with warm chocolate dipping sauce from TheKitchn.

churro balls

Blackberry mint margaritas from Blackbelly Restaurant

blackberry mint marg

Fresh watermelon margaritas.

watermelon margarita 1330

 Blood orange mojitos from Annie’s Eats.

blood orange mojito

thursday things

sunset april 2015

Miss having your name misspelled on your Starbucks cup? There’a an app for that!

Starbucks is celebrating summer by ruining any chance you had of looking great in your bathing suit with their new S’more Frappucino, with a cookie straw.

Is coconut sugar really the health star it’s cracked up to be?

Confused about whether to use glass or metal for your baking? TheKitchn is here to help.

I really need to up my game because I’ve only had 2 of the 21 “Essential” hamburgers of America.

The Hubble telescope turned 25 this month and the internet celebrated with 25 of its most beautiful space pictures.

Is anyone else as pumped as I am for the Full House reboot? What’s that? All of you are? Good.

I die over how adorable Ms. Tosi is with Conan in this video.

King Arthur Flour tells us all how to properly cream our butter and sugar. Hint: use your eyes, not your timer.

And, as it is very fittingly the end of the month, let’s start up this fun list again where I tell you about my favorite things I ate this month…

the best things i ate in april

The vanilla raised donut, which was the surprise star in this half dozen from Welcome Chicken + Donuts in Phoenix. It was like biting into a light, vanilla-infused cloud. Other donuts pictured, in order of deliciousness, include their blueberry cake donut (top-right), key lime pie filled donut (bottom middle), cherry almond raised donut (bottom-right), sprinkle cake donut (top-left), and thai tea raised donut (bottom-left).

welcome chicken and donuts

These corn dog poppers from The Windsor in Phoenix, served with fried pickles and ballpark mustard. (Runner up, the No. 22) Nostalgia played a part in my enjoyment for sure, but these were covered in perfectly-seasoned batter and paired extremely well with the mustard. The epitome of a “grown up” corn dog.

the windsor

Though I have a soft spot for their pulled pork sandwich, the brisket from Phoenix’s Q-Up Food Truck is amazing. It’s pictured here with the pulled pork and their slightly-spicy bacon mac and cheese. Get the sauce on the side if you really want to appreciate the flavor of the brisket.

q up brisket

I made these walnuts from Shannon’s Feast article to throw into a salad and ended up eating half of them before they even made it to the salad… oops.


This gyro with spicy feta fries from Saba’s Mediterranean in Phoenix is easily one of the best in town. Their thin-shaved gyro meat is perfectly-seasoned and not too greasy. One gyro is easily large enough to feed two, especially with a side of their spicy feta fries tossed in buffalo sauce and ranch. (Not pictured, the real star: SAGANAKI)

sabas gyro

thursday things – an easter recipe round up

peeps 0572

Easter is almost upon us. If you’re not sure how much food you’ll need, has created a super handy Easter Brunch menu calculator! Whether you’re making brunch, lunch, dinner, or brinner (that’s a thing, right?) this calculator has your back!

If, on the other hand, you’re still not sure what you want to make, that’s a whole different sort of pickle to be in. I’m a ham girl myself, which works equally well in breakfast, lunch, and dinner applications. But I always seem to get hung up on the accouterments, don’t you? Well fear not, because I’ve got some ideas for you.    Continue reading

peep eggs

peeps 0572

You’ve still got a whole week (plus one day!( til Easter comes and if you haven’t prepared yet, it’s time!

My idea? Adorable Peeps “eggs” – made of chocolate. They are basically the easiest thing in the whole world to make, will take about 30 seconds each (plus drying time), and are too cute not to love. I mean, JUST LOOK AT THEM!   Continue reading

thursday things


When I logged in this morning I noticed an unusual amount of traffic from Reddit. When I followed the trail to the source I discovered this picture… featuring a League of Legends character running across my biscotti. And it made my mother-freaking day. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting into LoL lately and it might have just given me the push I need to start…

Other things that made my day this week include this tiny human who for some god-forsaken reason decided to turn Oreos into mascara… WHY ON EARTH you would waste PERFECTLY GOOD Oreos to make cosmetics is beyond me… Unless you wanted an excuse to to eat your eyelashes….

After the cronut and the cragel our slutty friend, the croissant, is at it again by now breeding with a cookie to create the “crookie”… WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END!?


Cheetos has created a sweet cinnamon snack, aptly named “Sweetos” which I can only assume is essentially a bag of cinna-twists (in untwisted form). I’m so down.

Although I’ve mentioned it with basil before, we finally have a definitive list of foods that will magically regrow themselves.

Scientists have found a way to let our astronauts enjoy espresso in space. Next up, maybe we will cure world hunger… but at least we found a way to fix space caffeine-withdrawal in the mean time.

The Super Bowl is taking place in my general vicinity this year, but I would be much more excited to score tickets to the Puppy Bowl. And by “score tickets” I really mean just roll around in the pile of Puppy Bowl pups.

And I could give you a super bowl round up but first I want to let you see this video of Will Ferrell blasting this cheerleader in the face with a basketball. I could watch this freaking loop ALL. DAY. LONG.

Super Bowl Recipe Round Up

Pretzel Bites from Yours Truly (cut the ropes into 2-inch pieces for bites)

soft pretzel main

Hot & Cheesy Crab Dip from Foodness Gracious


Sugar & Spice Cocktail Nuts from Some Kitchen Stories


Make some chili to eat as-is or to put on hot dogs, or even some chili-cheese tots!


Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip from FoodieCrush

Spinach-Ricotta Turnovers from A Periodic Table



Fig & Prosciutto Flatbread from right here


Popcorn Party Mix from Smitten Kitchen