thursday things

too hot


There’s not a whole lot happening here in the desert. We officially hit triple digits for the first time this year and I cried so hard, or would have if the tears didn’t immediately evaporate out of my eyeballs.

And, since it’s May already let me take a moment to pimp our next installment of the Jeni’s Spinalong, which should be up in early June! Are you excited? I’m so excited.

Arizona Restaurant Week is rapidly approaching, so that’s another exciting piece of news. In other food news…

Whole Foods is opening a budget grocery store.

Chipotle released its guacamole recipe.

Disney World opened a Star Wars themed restaurant for ‘Star Wars Weekends’ through June 14.

Eater breaks down the top 7 high performance blenders.

Apparently corgis are deathly afraid of zucchini.

TheKitchn explains the difference between regular and extra virgin olive oil.

I finally got my ButterUp! You may (or may not) remember their Kickstarter campaign that I backed way back when. Now, all butter is spreadable butter! *insert evil laugh*

thursday things

sunset april 2015

Miss having your name misspelled on your Starbucks cup? There’a an app for that!

Starbucks is celebrating summer by ruining any chance you had of looking great in your bathing suit with their new S’more Frappucino, with a cookie straw.

Is coconut sugar really the health star it’s cracked up to be?

Confused about whether to use glass or metal for your baking? TheKitchn is here to help.

I really need to up my game because I’ve only had 2 of the 21 “Essential” hamburgers of America.

The Hubble telescope turned 25 this month and the internet celebrated with 25 of its most beautiful space pictures.

Is anyone else as pumped as I am for the Full House reboot? What’s that? All of you are? Good.

I die over how adorable Ms. Tosi is with Conan in this video.

King Arthur Flour tells us all how to properly cream our butter and sugar. Hint: use your eyes, not your timer.

And, as it is very fittingly the end of the month, let’s start up this fun list again where I tell you about my favorite things I ate this month…

the best things i ate in april

The vanilla raised donut, which was the surprise star in this half dozen from Welcome Chicken + Donuts in Phoenix. It was like biting into a light, vanilla-infused cloud. Other donuts pictured, in order of deliciousness, include their blueberry cake donut (top-right), key lime pie filled donut (bottom middle), cherry almond raised donut (bottom-right), sprinkle cake donut (top-left), and thai tea raised donut (bottom-left).

welcome chicken and donuts

These corn dog poppers from The Windsor in Phoenix, served with fried pickles and ballpark mustard. (Runner up, the No. 22) Nostalgia played a part in my enjoyment for sure, but these were covered in perfectly-seasoned batter and paired extremely well with the mustard. The epitome of a “grown up” corn dog.

the windsor

Though I have a soft spot for their pulled pork sandwich, the brisket from Phoenix’s Q-Up Food Truck is amazing. It’s pictured here with the pulled pork and their slightly-spicy bacon mac and cheese. Get the sauce on the side if you really want to appreciate the flavor of the brisket.

q up brisket

I made these walnuts from Shannon’s Feast article to throw into a salad and ended up eating half of them before they even made it to the salad… oops.


This gyro with spicy feta fries from Saba’s Mediterranean in Phoenix is easily one of the best in town. Their thin-shaved gyro meat is perfectly-seasoned and not too greasy. One gyro is easily large enough to feed two, especially with a side of their spicy feta fries tossed in buffalo sauce and ranch. (Not pictured, the real star: SAGANAKI)

sabas gyro

thursday things – an easter recipe round up

peeps 0572

Easter is almost upon us. If you’re not sure how much food you’ll need, has created a super handy Easter Brunch menu calculator! Whether you’re making brunch, lunch, dinner, or brinner (that’s a thing, right?) this calculator has your back!

If, on the other hand, you’re still not sure what you want to make, that’s a whole different sort of pickle to be in. I’m a ham girl myself, which works equally well in breakfast, lunch, and dinner applications. But I always seem to get hung up on the accouterments, don’t you? Well fear not, because I’ve got some ideas for you.    Continue reading

thursday things – ramen, owls, and more


During my birthday week last week, Mr. Eats and I tried a new ramen place in Tempe, AZ that was surprisingly tasty. If you find yourself in the Phoenix area craving ramen, stop by Umami in tempe and I’m pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed. It’s basically a “build-your-own” ramen bowl scenario – I chose miso broth, spicy corn, and roasted pork while Mr. Eats chose a paitan (chicken & pork) broth with chicken breast, soft-boiled egg, butter, corn, and double noodles. Both were super delicious.

Speaking of asian food, Korea apparently loves to watch people stuff their faces. I personally find few things to be more disgusting than watching someone eat, but I’m wondering if I should start moonlighting in this business, because I could make a freaking killing.

If you plan on pursuing face-stuffing as a career, scientists have found a way to cut the calories in your rice in half. And it’s super freaking easy. Continue reading