thursday things – new years diets, ben and jerry, and baymax cookies

new years someecard

Happy Thursday, everyone!

If you’re still working on that New Year’s diet, good for you! You’ve made it halfway through the month! If not, then who cares? That’s what next year is for!

Chipotle is trying to help you diet (and warming your heart) by nixing carnitas at 1/3 of their locations due to animal welfare violations at one of their main suppliers.

Even science is trying to make us feel better by saying that we don’t need to diet every day… We just need to work two days of mini-fasting into our routines to reduce our appetites and burn up stored fat.

In case you’re STILL not convinced, let us discuss again why you definitely should not wash your raw chicken… Now with germ-o-vision!

Real Simple provides the ultimate food storage chart, though I’ve never seen onions last two months at room temperature in my house… Perhaps if I lived in the tundra.

Lucky Peach, that fancy magazine from Chef David Chang, went global on the interwebs – check it out for “a tossed salad of weird and original stories and ideas,” but I’m mostly looking at those killer ramen recipes… just sayin.

I found my new favorite way to read the news.


And my new favorite way to smite my enemies

Ben & Jerry’s announced my new favorite ice cream flavors their new core flavors for 2015 … AND THEY’RE AWESOME.

Cadbury fans are freaking out about the new creme filling in their Cadbury eggs. Don’t worry, guys, it’s only in the UK. Your US eggs are safe (for now).

3D-printed desserts are now a thing…

Rachel Ray shows us how to resuscitate our stale bread, though I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t vouch for it.

With my birthday coming up in March, if anyone wants to make me some of these Baymax cookies to cry into while I say “goodbye” to my 20’s, I will love you forever.