thursday things

Have you ever wondered why bubble wrap was invented?  Or debated whether or not you should use it in your shipping?

Let me save you some time here, always use bubble wrap.  Always.  Or even the best of intentions can go horribly array.  Granted, a box full of broken Bouchon macarons, while tragically sad (and would probably be the very definition of “a box of sadness”), is still a box full of Bouchon macarons.  I still ate them.  Like macaron confetti.  If I’d had more wits about me, perhaps I’d have poured them into a bowl of milk and eaten them like macaron cereal.  MacaronOs.  Let’s get on inventing that, Kellogg, alright?

Also, I opened my e-mail today to find one from the BF with the subject title: “Who figured out a beaver’s behind tastes like raspberry?”  Naturally, my curiosity was piqued.  First off, a beaver’s behind tastes like raspberries?  That can’t possibly be good for survival in the animal kingdom.  But, long story short, if you see the ingredient “castoreum” in anything you’re eating… maybe you should stop eating it.  Just sayin’. Oh, and if you see “natural flavors” as an ingredient, it might be hiding in there anyway.  Hey, beavers are natural.  And so are their butts.  It might be easier to just not read that story and remain blissfully ignorant.

Something happened and I blinked and we ended up well into September.  During that time, Some Kitchen Stories released another gorgeous desktop calendar.  If you, like me, insist on staring at food all day while you think about food and eat food, hop on over and give it a look-see.

This video went viral, then we found out it was engineered by Jimmy Kimmel.  Come on, Jimmy.  All you have to do is wait, it’s only a matter of time before that would happen in real life!

Then there’s this guy’s burrito-rant which exploded all over the interwebs.  While I find it completely hilarious to read his rant (and I totally agree with his premise), I can’t help but wonder if the thought crossed his mind to simply ask them to remake his burrito?  You know, in a less-angry way?

Dominique Ansel Bakery, creator of the cronut, continued to make my brain explode with this new magic souffle concoction.  I need to get to NYC.  Stat.

Some amazing parents are making some pretty amazing lunches for their kids.  Is it too weird for me to turn one of the BF’s lunches into a Mario bento?  Heck, that might even get me to make my OWN lunch!

I can’t STOP watching this kid.  It’s, like, hypnotic.  He’s basically the coolest kid in the whole world.

Now, in blog-related news, I know that I’ve been neglecting you all a little bit over the past week and, whether you noticed my absence or not, I’ve felt super guilty about not paying enough attention to you.  So, even though this is the time of the year where I should be pumpkin-ing all the things, posting thousands of holiday recipes, and even more “getting ready for the holidays” recipes, this girl in particular is totally pooped.

So I’m going to take a short break, probably just a week or two…  You probably won’t even notice that I’m gone!

I’ll still be around on Instagram and Facebook, so if you miss me too much you can always find me there.  I even send an occasional tweet from time to time.

And to help ease the pain of my absence, I will leave you with the ever adorable fennec fox.

If you ever see one in the wild, IMMEDIATELY CAPTURE IT AND SEND IT TO ME!