thursday things


Happy Thursday! Did everyone have a fabulous 4th?  Or did you spend your holiday like Sophie and I did?  Curled up in a ball of laziness all weekend?

I did a whole lot of “nothing,” including not eating my cookies & cream cereal that I have been SO EXCITED about, so I guess I’ll have to let you know how it is NEXT Thursday instead.  I mean, I was still coming off of my other Oreo high, so there wasn’t enough room in my life for cookies of any other kind.

Due to the heat, I have made a lot of room in my life for ice cream…  In fact, it’s safe to say that ice cream consumption in this house has gone up by close to 200% in the last few weeks.  It’s been nonstop ice cream, smoothies, and milkshakes galore.  It’s so hot that I’m tempted to just pour the ice cream over me instead of eating it half the time…

Since I was making ice cream anyway, I finally had an excuse to use up some of that gravel that my bestie sent me.


Isn’t she the best?  I wanted to make some s’more ice cream, and use the salty graham gravel, but I didn’t make enough chocolate base to do that and the other flavor as well.  So, I used my chocolatey ice cream and made a s’more sundae instead!  Topped with toasted marshmallows and the salty graham.


Seriously, Jeni, this one’s a winner.  It’s so good that I was eating it straight out of the bag.  Sweet, buttery, salty, crunchy crumbly goodness.  They were similar in theory and texture to the Momofuku crumbs, but crunchier…. and saltier (in a good way).

Even though I didn’t get around to my cereal, I did try out a few snacks for you this weekend, because I’m so kind to try them for you… to be your guinea pig.  For some reason I didn’t want to eat any actual meals and just wanted to eat chips all day every day.

come out chips

First, these sweet potato chips that the BF picked up for me:

sweet potato chip

I don’t know that they are really “healthier” than regular potato chips, aside from missing a few of those multi-syllable words that are hard to pronounce, but darn are they delicious.  They’re the perfect balance of salty-sweet balance and still substantial enough that you probably won’t end up eating the whole bag in one sitting.  Not that anyone does that, that would just be crazy.

And I guess I was in a “chippy” mood over the weekend, since I couldn’t stop myself from picking these guys up either.

cassava chip

BBQ Cassava Root chips.  What’s cassava root?  I have no idea, but apparently it’s better for me than potatoes.

The chips boast 40% less fat, 2x the fiber (which makes it a whopping 2 grams per serving), and a hefty Wee-sized (as in ME-sized) serving size of 23 chips.  None of that “7 chip” or “14 chip” crap, 23 whole chips!  They’re super crunchy and addictive, and they taste great.  I did notice a slightly sweet taste (possibly the cassava?) about 30 chips in, but assuming you don’t eat at warp speed like I do, you would probably enjoy these just as potato chips and be none the wiser!

I was also intrigued by these:

fish 2




(Much like making things miniaturized, making things giant-sized can also make them better.)


Though I’ve obviously been on a Goldfish kick lately FOR NO APPARENT REASON, buying all the Goldfish things (I don’t even like boxed mac & cheese! Why did I buy those!?).  But you are probably safe to skip these.  If you ever had those weird-shaped Cheetos when you were a kid (that’s the last time I had them, at least) … You know, the ones that don’t taste as good as regular Cheetos even though it’s all the same ingredients and there’s no logical explanation for it, that’s pretty much what these tasted like.  Super not exciting.

Maybe another flavor would be better, I’ll let you know if I somehow get tricked into buying more…  These ones just didn’t taste cheesy, or queso-y, or salsa-y… or anything-y really.

I’ve also been eating non-processed things, like this super easy chipotle-honey pork slider with slaw on a pretzel roll.  The recipe is seriously like, put some pork in the crock pot, dump some honey and chipotle on top, and go.  I mean, it might be a little more complicated, but we’ll cover that in more depth later.


Oh, and those fries have ranch seasoning on them.  RANCH SEASONING!  Yes, that’s a thing, and I love and also hate the wonderful Miss Jennifer Farley for introducing (and subsequently getting me severely addicted to) the stuff.  True story.  It’s good on everything.

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You know, fun things.

And then your BF can make fun of you and compare you to the people on this commercial.

It’ll be fun, I promise.