Thursday Things


So remember that “cold snap” we had a little bit back?  I forgot to tell you guys about our neighbors who put little caps on their cactus.  I assume they are supposed to protect the cactus from cold, but instead it just looks like the cacti are wearing adorable little hats.  Like a cactus family portrait.

Also, I’m getting increasingly jealous of our cats.


Can you imagine just getting to stay home and sleep all day every day?  What a magical and wonderful life she must have.  Oh, and this one too.


Oh, I’m sorry, did I wake you?

You may have noticed that I’m medium obsessed with trying to grow random things on my windowsill (like basil).  I’ve also grown mint, green onions, and most recently celery.  CELERY!


Just some baby leaves at that point, but it’s a start!

My usual method for finding out if things grow is just to take a random food item (most recently, mint, for example), stick in a glass of water on the windowsill, and see what happens!  Then, this week, I came across this article and was surprised to find out that I can grow bok choy, ginger, and even pineapples from my kitchen scraps! Who knew?

Also, I found the only two decent avocados in our whole grocery store and brought them home.  I’m afraid to cut them open because inevitably half of it will be lost to that gross browning reaction.  Unless, of course, this trick actually works, which I plan to find out as soon as I get home today (I’ll let you know next week how it turned out!)


The ladies over at Some Kitchen Stories have released their Februrary desktop background and I just want to lick my monitor all day long staring at that beautiful screen.

Oh, and to help the sweet tooth brought on by staring at a beautiful cupcake all day long, I discovered a recipe for making JUST TWO peanut butter or chocolate chip cookies.  I feel like my life may never be the same…