chocolate therapy


Today was a big day for me – BF and I went to go buy my first new car. My last car died on me, and I only had a couple weeks left before I had to give his big brother’s car back. So off we went car shopping. I wasn’t planning to buy today, but it happened no less. Afterward? Shock, panic, and disbelief at how much money I’d just spent.

The only solution? Stress eating, obviously. Few things are as comforting to me as a full belly and a sugar buzz. Enter – Boyfriend to the rescue! He actually made these all on his own! What a lucky girl I am to have a boy who is so handy in the (counter- and sink-less) kitchen. 🙂 After scarfing a couple of these babies down, I was much more calm and level-headed than I was when I had first arrived back home.

BF hard at work

This recipe doesn’t vary much from your classic rice krispy treat recipe (just a couple twists). BF used cocoa krispies instead of regular krispies, and swirl marshmallows in place of the plain ones. Also, I find that using the full 6 cups of cereal called for in the traditional recipe yields a very dry result, so we scaled back to closer to 5 C (between 4 and 5 cups) of cereal. The result? Pure, chocolatey bliss. Next time you plan to make krispy treats, definitely give this combo a try!

oh, good. they’re fat free! haha

Cocoa Rice Krispy Treats  

  • 3 Tbsp butter
  • 10 oz large marshmallows
  • 4 1/2 -5 C cocoa rice krispies
  1. Melt butter & marshmallows together. Once melted, add cereal.
  2. Spread into greased pan.
  3. Once cooled, cut into squares and store in an air-tight container.

*Tip: Cover with parchment paper and smoosh down to help you spread them more easily.