Martha Stewart did an AMA – and it was kind of AMAzing


I just happened across Martha Stewart’s AMA today and wanted to share my favorite parts. I’m not a huge Martha fan, but I do find her entertaining at times (especially alongside Mr. Obrien).

I learned a lot about Martha from her AMA. Everything from epic sex tips to her opinion on truffle oil (good to know I’m not the only one with an extreme distaste for truffle oil).

Here are a few of the other interesting things I learned about Martha.  You can click the pictures to learn more, or read her entire AMA here.

1. Martha will not criticize you. (A piece of advice we could all probably follow…)

martha stewart criticize

2. Martha wishes she were closer with Snoop. But, don’t we all?

martha stewart snoop dogg

3. Martha’s singer artist is Pharrell. Fo real.

martha stewart pharrell

4. Martha will not feed you snacks, only hors d’oeuvres. There’s a difference.

martha stewart snacks

 5. Martha will not drink your soda, but she would love to eat your kale.

martha stewart soda

6. Martha does not understand why you would want to freeze your cheese.

martha stewart cheese

 7.  Martha Stewart stops at one taco. She doesn’t even know how many she can eat because she stops at one, even if she is still hungry. (This concept eludes me.)

martha stewart taco

 8. It is unclear how much catamole Martha could consume, but I assume she would only eat one serving whether she was still hungry or not.

martha stewart catamole


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