thursday things

sunset aug 14


Seriously, we have some of the best sunsets.

Unfortunately, it’s too hot to stay outside long enough to enjoy them. ¬†ūüėČ

I know it’s still August, but I totally made a joke the other day to Shannon over at A Periodic Table about how we should start planning our cookie swap cookies for this Christmas, AND THEN THEY WENT AND POSTED THIS! ¬†Apparently, we really do need to start our planning! ¬†If you’re a fellow blogger, you should join in too!

Or, you could just send me cookies. ¬†That’s a perfectly acceptable option as well. ūüėČ

I like cookies.

Also, I know we just talked about how I never pack my lunch, but guess what, I packed my lunch one day this week!

And guess what I packed!  A pbj sandwich, sliced veggies, and chips.  And a chocolate pudding.

Because I’m five.

And I’m not afraid to admit that it was delicious. ¬†Then I saw this post on¬†how to pimp my pbj¬†and my brain pretty much exploded. ¬†I mean, I’m sure we’ve all grilled or toasted a pbj before, but waffleizing and deep frying? ¬†That’s just madness!

I think next week’s lunch might be some pbj sushi…

That’s much more grown up than a plain pbj, don’t you think?

Also, because I’m five, the BF came home from the store super excited to give me this toy:

The best part of the video, unfortunately, is off-camera. ¬†Why? ¬†Because every time Sully pops out to “scare” you, the BF actually jumps startled. ¬†Guess the “scare” ball actually works!

Also, did you hear that right now, in the United States of America, they are growing grapes that taste like cotton candy? ¬†Supposedly you can buy them right now! ¬†I have not seen them in any of the 2323894 grocery stores that I go to on a weekly basis, but according to the internet, they exist. ¬†Have you seen them? ¬†If you see them, please purchase them immediately and send me your thoughts. ¬†I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS. ¬†Also, I’m pretty sure that my weekend plans just became “hunt for cotton candy grapes.”

Know what else exists? ¬†Water. ¬†MADE FROM FRUIT. ¬†I know what you’re thinking, “They already have that, it’s called juice!” ¬†But this isn’t juice, but it is kinda, but not really. ¬†It’s juice and not juice at the same time. ¬†They juice the fruit and then they filter the fruit juice until it’s water. ¬†Which seems like a lot of work just to make water, but what do I know?

Continuing with last week’s rediscovery of podcasts, today I listened to my beloved Thomas Keller talk about the importance of weights in baking, and how to make the perfect pate sucree on the¬†Splendid Table podcast.

Speaking of discovering things,¬†I spent some time this weekend going through some old pictures. ¬†Like, really old pictures. ¬†And buried in those pictures was a “Baby Manual.”

True story.

And in that “manual” was this advertisement.

meat for baby

Because everybody knows that you should feed your baby canned lamb every day.


Sometimes I wonder how we survived this long, but then again… just look at how healthy and happy that baby is!

And then, there’s this.

That’s pretty much how I look when I eat corn.