thursday things – i’m still alive!

clouds 10.2.13

Hi, friends!

It’s been 3 weeks since my last post, so I wanted to check in and let you guys know that I’m still alive and hopefully going to have some tasty recipes for you soon!  We’ve been super busy around the house doing some updating and much-needed maintenance, I started a new job, and on top of everything else, this happened…


I can’t believe that after 5 years of being together the BF FINALLY popped the question!


It was a total surprise and now I have a wedding to plan so I’ll be even MORE busy!

But not too busy for you all, of course. 😉  I’m thinking I’ll be back with a recipe for y’all by next week…. or possibly the one after.  Definitely soon.

Sophie has been sitting in our laundry basket when it’s not in use… (or, sometimes when it is in use).

sophie basket 1

I think that she has decided that it is the most efficient way to cover our clean clothes in cat hair.  You see, she can rub all of her hair inside the basket, so that as soon as we put our freshly-laundered clothes in the static will immediately cause her hairs to stick.  She’s like some sort of evil cat genius.

Unfortunately for her, our baskets are collapsible (for easy storage) so she often gets trapped inside by stepping on the wrong place and causing it to collapse on her… or ends up getting a claw stuck in the mesh.

Sometimes she justforgets how to get out and just pushes her face against the side in hopes of escape…


We call it her spaceship.


In other news…

And now, further proof that otters are the best!



I love how pleased with himself he looks after dunking…

3. They will fetch you drinks and sound adorable while doing so.