thursday things – stormy skies, contemplative cats, grapes that taste like candy and more!

The high today (Wednesday) was supposed to be 110.  But we had these clouds come in and they just would not leave.  They even dropped a little bit of water on us, and so we only made it to 98.  And it was glorious.

I never thought that I would ever in my life think that 98 degrees was a good thing.  In any sense.

Meanwhile, Sophie has been pondering the greater things in life…

Things like, “Why can’t I get french fries from a vending machine like they can in Belgium?”

“How could I think mom was so crazy for using jam in her cocktails when apparently that’s a thing now?” (I was surprised, too. I also add jam to my vinaigrettes, but I can’t let BF see me or he gives me crazy looks.)

“How do I make my own spices like those Dorot ones if I can’t find them at my grocery store?”

“How can I avoid some of the most common cooking mistakes?” (Which actually has some really good tips, especially for the novice cook.)

And, “Why are these pandas so cute?”

I’m pretty sure it’s because of the slide, and the clumsiness.  And the snow.  All of these add to the cuteness.

I know that you’re wondering where the red panda gif is, since I posted a regular panda gif… well, ask and you shall receive.

Or don’t ask and I’ll force it upon you anyway.

That strut is just as adorable in video form as well, since I know you were wondering that.

Also, I succeeded in my quest to find grapes that taste like cotton candy!

The verdict?  THEY TASTE LIKE COTTON CANDY!  Although every now and then you get one that doesn’t taste like cotton candy.  I pawned a bunch off to the people I work with and there was a pretty even split between “THAT’S CRAZY” in a good way and “THAT’S CRAZY” in a not so good way.  The only way to know is to get them for yourself.

I recommend you serve them cold, as that is definitely preferable to room temperature with these guys.  I personally find them delicious, but  I can totally see the appeal of these grapes for the parent who is struggling to feed fruit to their picky child – “Here, eat these!  They taste like candy!”

Other things I found at the store this week include this awesome owl shirt, which I snagged for a measly $3.00 at Target!

owl t


How can you say “no” when only $3.00 stands between you and an adorable owl?

You can’t.  You absolutely can’t.

And yes, that’s a totally acceptable shirt for a grown up to wear.

I also saw pumpkin pop tarts at the store, which I didn’t buy, but I will have to break down this year and try them since apparently I’m on a pop tart testing run.  But seeing them reminded me that IT’S ALMOST SEPTEMBER ALREADY and I CAN START BAKING PUMPKINY THINGS AGAIN!



So. Excited.

I hope you guys are ready to OD on pumpkin, because it’s coming.

And now, recipes that I’m crushing on this week…

You already know that I’m crushing SUPER HARD on Movita’s chocolate marshmallow squares.  I might have to make them this weekend.  For reals.

FoodieCrush’s burrata and heirloom tomato salad… I die.  But honestly, I would eat anything that gives me an excuse to also eat burrata cheese, since I’m pretty sure just eating a huge ball of cheese is frowned upon.

These fresh corn tostadas, which will prove to you that you can have a delicious and filling vegetarian meal.

And this fruity pebbles bundt cake, which I’m pretty sure the BF would devour in about 2 seconds flat.

Or, if breakfast is more your thing, try these blueberry raised waffles from Some Kitchen Stories.

And this recipe for chicken pot pie…. in muffin form?  MADNESS!  I’ll probably make it and test it out on my co-workers at our next potluck.  Plus it’s WAY LESS MESSY than actual chicken pot pie.