thursday things

Boyfriend and I had an amazing dinner over the weekend at BLT Steak. (Back of the menu is what you are looking at above). It was the best dinner either of us has had in a long time, and that’s saying a lot (at least I feel like it is). You can read all about it here. Trust me. You want to read it.

I almost never go out for lunch. Like never. Never ever. But on Tuesday I went to Stingray Sushi and had a delicious teriyaki chicken bento box and now I want to go every day:

Stupid kitchn blog has me fantasizing about well-organized freezers… I think some day my freezer will look like this:

Boyfriend found new cats for me to stalk on Instagram and I’ve been dying over their page for the last few days.


I nearly lost my mind over this cupcake holder on TomKat Studio.

I really need to make some more friends so I can have an excuse to buy something like that… seriously. Who wants to move to Arizona and eat cupcakes out of a ferris wheel!?!? ANYONE?!?

Lilsugar featured one of my pumpkin recipes today (see! that’s me! bottom right!) that mean, basically, that I can’t put off using pumpkin for another week. I was trying to wait until it was officially October, but that dream is dead. I think it will have to happen this weekend.

Somehow I came across this article (maybe because “bagel” is in the name?) on Huffington Post about Japan’s newest beauty craze… apparently it’s all the rage. I’ve never been “trendy” but I think I’ll pass on that one, ladies. I know I’ve intrigued you by mentioning “bagel” and “beauty” together. Go ahead, check it out.

thursday things

This Thursday Things comes to you 21,813 feet in the air!

My vacation officially starts today. No work for the next 13 days! I couldn’t be more excited. I’m en route to Boston for a whirlwind weekend of bakery treats, lobster rolls, and whatever else BFF and I can stuff into our bellies. My main goal: Flour Bakery. I’ve made her famous sticky buns before, but I’m sure the real deal is infinity better. If anyone’s been to Boston, feel free to recommend a few places to check out in the comments below!

After that, I head to Michigan/Ohio to see my family for about a week and then it’s back to the desert. Hopefully BF can survive without me for that long, I left behind some frozen food for him, but I’m sure he will just eat out every day anyway… Boys.

BF took me on a pre-vacation getaway over the weekend to Sedona. We went up to watch the Perseid meteor shower but really I’ll take any excuse to get out of the valley. Turns out there was a crazy dust storm on the night we were up there so that made me even happier that we weren’t home. If you’ve never seen a dust storm, they look like this.

We had a pretty awesome view from our hotel, ate some surprisingly good BBQ over at Red Rock BBQ, and despite a day full of clouds, the sky cleared up in time for BF and I to catch some amazing views of the meteor shower from atop Airport Mesa. All in all, a pretty awesome weekend, if you ask me.

Oh, and I met a leaf bug. He was guarding the door to our hotel room. Isn’t he the cutest guard ever? Isn’t he?? I caught him in his power stance and used the opportunity to make him look super hardcore. He’s fierce.

In other news, our cats are both completely bonkers. Yes, she is upside down. No it’s not the picture .Her new favorite activity is running in circles upside down on the cat post… Don’t ask me why. Wish I’d caught a pic of her falling off, which is always equally, if not more, hilarious. Though I love her crazy eyes in this one.

The oh-so-sweet Shannon over at A Periodic Table awarded me her “Versatile Blogger” Award. Shannon and I met through our various Serious Eats: Sweets features, her beautiful blog helped to guide me through my Momofuku Cornflake Cookie journey, and now that (thanks to the BF and tireless searching on the interwebs) I have finally acquired malt powder, I fully intend to thank her by stealing her pretzel ice cream recipe. Once I”m back home, of course.

We can’t end today’s post without mentioning that yesterday was Julia Child’s 100th birthday (or would have been, had she lived to be 100). Did you know that 573 pounds of butter were used on her show “Baking with Julia”? Which makes sense when you remember her famous quote, “If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.” If you have time, check out Julia’s 10 Essential Cooking Tips.