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When I logged in this morning I noticed an unusual amount of traffic from Reddit. When I followed the trail to the source I discovered this picture… featuring a League of Legends character running across my biscotti. And it made my mother-freaking day. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting into LoL lately and it might have just given me the push I need to start…

Other things that made my day this week include this tiny human who for some god-forsaken reason decided to turn Oreos into mascara… WHY ON EARTH you would waste PERFECTLY GOOD Oreos to make cosmetics is beyond me… Unless you wanted an excuse to to eat your eyelashes….

After the cronut and the cragel our slutty friend, the croissant, is at it again by now breeding with a cookie to create the “crookie”… WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END!?


Cheetos has created a sweet cinnamon snack, aptly named “Sweetos” which I can only assume is essentially a bag of cinna-twists (in untwisted form). I’m so down.

Although I’ve mentioned it with basil before, we finally have a definitive list of foods that will magically regrow themselves.

Scientists have found a way to let our astronauts enjoy espresso in space. Next up, maybe we will cure world hunger… but at least we found a way to fix space caffeine-withdrawal in the mean time.

The Super Bowl is taking place in my general vicinity this year, but I would be much more excited to score tickets to the Puppy Bowl. And by “score tickets” I really mean just roll around in the pile of Puppy Bowl pups.

And I could give you a super bowl round up but first I want to let you see this video of Will Ferrell blasting this cheerleader in the face with a basketball. I could watch this freaking loop ALL. DAY. LONG.

Super Bowl Recipe Round Up

Pretzel Bites from Yours Truly (cut the ropes into 2-inch pieces for bites)

soft pretzel main

Hot & Cheesy Crab Dip from Foodness Gracious


Sugar & Spice Cocktail Nuts from Some Kitchen Stories


Make some chili to eat as-is or to put on hot dogs, or even some chili-cheese tots!


Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip from FoodieCrush

Spinach-Ricotta Turnovers from A Periodic Table



Fig & Prosciutto Flatbread from right here


Popcorn Party Mix from Smitten Kitchen


thursday things

whole 30 chipotle steak salad

Cooks & Books rounded up some of the internet’s healthy and delicious recipes and was sweet enough to include my barbacoa steak salad (pictured above). You can see that recipe and more on their website!

Nigella Lawson is now on instagram.

F&W claimed they were showing us how to poach a dozen eggs at once… although it’s actually more of “how to bake a dozen eggs at once” but who’s really paying attention anyway?

Nabisco has outdone themselves again with Red Velvet Oreos – which will be made available to us normies on Feb 2nd. At which time, as your faithful Oreo tester, I will promptly scoop some up and let you know how they are.

red velvet oreo

Matthew Inman created a Kickstarter campaign to launch the best card game since Cards Against Humanity… and reached 10,000% of their goal in less than 7 hours.

Conan O’Brien visited the Taco Bell HQ and created a few of his own menu items.

Meanwhile Japan taught 100 robots how to do the robot and revolutionized the dessert world with clear mochi cake.

As I’ve been approaching the end of yet another Whole 30, I feel healthy and energized! I’ve been eating lots of whole-30-approved things like stuffed peppers, lettuce wraps, steak salad, and healthy stir fry

All while experiencing some serious cravings for things like…

This poblano mac and cheese from Annie’s Eats

annie's eats poblano mac

A Periodic Table’s mochi cake.


Movita’s finnish pulla


These multigrain pancakes with bananas foster syrup from Crumb.

bananas foster pancake

And this meatball sub from Serious Eats


Are you sensing a theme here?

thursday things – new years diets, ben and jerry, and baymax cookies

new years someecard

Happy Thursday, everyone!

If you’re still working on that New Year’s diet, good for you! You’ve made it halfway through the month! If not, then who cares? That’s what next year is for!

Chipotle is trying to help you diet (and warming your heart) by nixing carnitas at 1/3 of their locations due to animal welfare violations at one of their main suppliers.

Even science is trying to make us feel better by saying that we don’t need to diet every day… We just need to work two days of mini-fasting into our routines to reduce our appetites and burn up stored fat.

In case you’re STILL not convinced, let us discuss again why you definitely should not wash your raw chicken… Now with germ-o-vision!

Real Simple provides the ultimate food storage chart, though I’ve never seen onions last two months at room temperature in my house… Perhaps if I lived in the tundra.

Lucky Peach, that fancy magazine from Chef David Chang, went global on the interwebs – check it out for “a tossed salad of weird and original stories and ideas,” but I’m mostly looking at those killer ramen recipes… just sayin.

I found my new favorite way to read the news.


And my new favorite way to smite my enemies

Ben & Jerry’s announced my new favorite ice cream flavors their new core flavors for 2015 … AND THEY’RE AWESOME.

Cadbury fans are freaking out about the new creme filling in their Cadbury eggs. Don’t worry, guys, it’s only in the UK. Your US eggs are safe (for now).

3D-printed desserts are now a thing…

Rachel Ray shows us how to resuscitate our stale bread, though I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t vouch for it.

With my birthday coming up in March, if anyone wants to make me some of these Baymax cookies to cry into while I say “goodbye” to my 20’s, I will love you forever.

thursday things


I just want to let you know that I wrote you a long, beautiful Thursday Things post today… and then my computer bugged out and ate it. I would try to re-create it but now I’m just sad and tired and defeated, which is how I’m sure a lot of us are feeling one whole week into our New Year’s resolutions. ;) So, I put a picture of an adorable owl at the top of this post to cheer myself up. Isn’t he the cutest?

If one of your resolutions is to be more healthy, close your eyes for a second because this butter mill will blow your mind (and likely increase your butter consumption exponentially).

You may, however, want to add avocados to your grocery list, as a new study just showed that eating an avocado a day can decrease your bad cholesterol by up to 14% in just five weeks.

We happen to be participating in another Whole30 this January, and we aren’t the only ones.

You could also try juicing (or smoothie-ing)… though I can’t imagine living on only juice, adding one or two to your daily routine can definitely up your nutrients.

If you’re trying to cut your grocery budget, Food52 can help you spend less money on your favorite ingredients. With kitchen hacks for everything from buttermilk to self-rising flour.

Want to master your homemaking skills? Find out the correct way to load your dishwasher and how to clean 10 important household items.

If you just want to have more fun this year – you’re in luck because the games from your childhood (or, mine at least) are now online… for free! I’m going to ford so many rivers….

Or just watch this video of lions playing with Christmas trees… apparently pine trees are the lion equivalent of catnip. (Who knew?)

thursday things – a kitten, a marshmallow, and a crying child


My father in law has recently acquired a new kitten. The thing is completely insane and out of control but he’s so itty bitty and adorable I can’t help but love him. LOOK AT HIS GIANT KITTY EARS! LOOK AT THEM! I believe he is still unnamed so feel free to make any suggestions below and I will pass them along.

Counselors are now using cooking to fight depression and build confidence; who knew?

Sure we know that cereal (and other food things) are fortified with iron for our health, but did you know that it can actually make your cereal magnetic? Here is a fun experiment you can use, straight from your middle-school science class!

I realize it’s not exactly rocket surgery, but David Lebowitz has made a guide on how to line a baking pan with aluminum foil like a boss. Although I usually use that method to line my pans, I end up ripping the foil anyway because I’m incompetent.

cat marshmallow

Japan kicks our ass again by having these adorable cat-mallows. They even have step-by-step ordering instructions for those of us who don’t read Japanese! If only I had seen these in time for Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, not sure what to get your frenemies (or just straight up enemies)? Lucky for you, The Poke has compiled a list of perfect gifts to get for the people you hate.

If you haven’t seen The Hater’s Guide to the Williams Sonoma Holiday Catalog – you need to check it out now. It includes gems like this one:


And hipsters are bringing their own spirit to the holiday this year by decorating their dirty hipster beards.

Tasting Table helps you decorate your holiday table.

Apartment Therapy teaches us how to tie the perfect bow for your presents.

And below you can watch a tiny child cry while you get to laugh hysterically at them. It’s ok, you’re not a bad person, their own dad is laughing at them too.