thursday things – DNA Tests, Ikea candy, and more


Summer is in full swing here and it’s so hot that our local news has completely given up on even attempting to forecast the high temps. Today’s high temp is “- -” … maybe tomorrow they can just be honest and put some question marks or an interrobang. Or just pull a Siri and put a big fat “HOT” up there instead of numbers at all…  

We live in a world where fast food conglomerates have resorted to DNA testing to prove that they aren’t serving rodents.

And where people are tackling real world problems, like my inability to mix a cocktail. Now thanks to this Kickstarter, I won’t have to!

The very same Amy’s Kitchen that has been providing veggie-friendly freezer meals is now opening their very first vegetarian fast food restaurant!

Ikea is adding “candy conglomerate” to its list of descriptors.

If you’re planning to cool off this summer with homemade ice cream, here are some great tips for making it great.

Martha Stewart has sold off her empire.

NY Times tells us how to really eat on the cheap while traveling.

Now you can get the most of your meals by pairing foods to optimize your nutrition absorption.

This guy shows how much it sucks to be a woman, or to eat like one at least.

Get a kick out of watching Elmo and Jimmy Fallon show us how to make waffled grilled cheese and “Sloppy Oscars.”

3 thoughts on “thursday things – DNA Tests, Ikea candy, and more

  1. i think someone in AZ should do an experiment and just stop telling you guys what the temps are. Alternatively, they could report false temps to you to see if it has some sort of placebo effect on you i.e. if they say “oh look! high of 85 today!” would you feel cooler even if it were 179? i think you would. I just need all your local newspeople to get together with me on this.

    i don’t know how to feel about martha selling her empire, you know?

    i saw that thing about Ikea and the candy…and we get our Ikea SO SOON! ugh…one more thing to just fear/look forward to.

    i have been meaning to research/talk to you about the whole food-pairing-for-heath thing b/c i’m interested…like in a science and health way b/c it’s interesting.

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